ebeam Compact

The ebeam Compact allows for greater digitalization in food packaging production by completely eliminating the need for photoinitiators. With instantaneous curing, production performance is significantly increased enabling immediate die cutting, stacking and shipping with higher conversion and more consistent output than with UV. Using ebeam curing, it’s possible to produce higher gloss finishes and a tougher surface for superior scratch, tear, puncture and fading resistance.

Technical Specifications

Accelerating voltage 80 kV
Max beam power 2.7 kW
Max uniform beam width 360 mm
Max web width 400 mm
Speed range 0 – 100 m/min
Max web thickness 0.5 mm
Beam direction Side fire (±20°)
Nitrogen inerting level 200 ppm of residual O2
Weight 330 kg (processor) 78 kg (power supply)

Dream of Change.
Beam for Change.

ebeam is the cure for food-safe packaging. As urban populations have become more distanced from the food source, packaging has played an increasing role in our daily lives. Using electron beam technology, food packaging producers can eliminate risks associated with photoinitiators, migration, and VOC emissions.

The ebeam Compact is the most compact electron beam inkjet dryer in the world. Easily integrated into existing digital printing systems, ebeam Compact enables the mass individualization of flexible direct and indirect food contact packaging and labels.

ebeam Technologies works with a growing number of industry technology partners to develop innovative solutions for print and packaging. Find out how ebeam can improve your production line.

  • World’s most compact electron beam inkjet dryer
  • Enables inline processing with narrow web
  • Accessible for print, packaging and converting
  • Easily integrated in digital printing systems
  • Instant and high performance
  • Constant and uniform output
  • Energy efficient
  • Colour blind
  • No photoinitiators
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